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Sport Specific
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A program tailored to enhance the athlete in their own sport.


Personal Evaluation
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Biomechanical Analysis

Posture Analysis

Running Form Refinement 




Sports Performance with Biomechanical Correction

At Higher Level we enhance all of our athletes' motor skills and cognitive skills. We do this by analyzing and optimizing every movement performed by the athlete.

Injury Prevention is the result of Biomechanical Correction


We teach Athletic Efficiency, which allows the athlete to maintain a HIGHER LEVEL of performance and execute sport specific movements at a greater intensity.



HIGHER LEVELS'  Elite Level College Session

need for speed

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This Speed Agility Quickness & Fitness Program is designed for Division 1 college level athletes. It will prepare all athletes for their Pre-Season Training so you can join your team and excel the minute you take the field. This program is intense and is also great for High School Seniors who are looking to bridge the gap between High School and competitive college programs. We will run you through a number of tests, drills, and exercises designed to make you faster therefore improving your testing times for sports specific testing.


Training sessions will be held @ Goddard Park, Warwick.

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday


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Train with the best & find out how good you can be!


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Westerly Summer Soccer Academy

June 30th-Aug 20th
Every Monday & Wednesday

@ Gingerella Sports Complex



Higher Level has once again teamed up with Westerly Youth Soccer to offer it's players a high end summer long soccer academy program. This program benefits from Higher Levels' signature combination training that is half Speed Agility and half Soccer Skills, Drills, and game situations/scenario's. The benefits of this kind of training far supersedes the typical week long camps. Our training offers bio-mechanical corrections and a breakdown of all soccer skills and moves for optimum efficiency and retention.




Anyone that has trained with us before will know that we like to keep each training group competitive that challenges each and every player. The sessions are 1.5 hours long with the first 45 minutes being Speed Agility and the second 45 minutes being a mixture of SpeedySoccer Agility with the ball, team drills, exercises, and small sided games.




  U9 - 8:30 – 10:00

                                              U11 - 9:15 – 10:45

 U13 - 10:00 – 11:30

 U16 - 10:45 – 12:15











SpeedySoccer sessions will consist of short sharp intricate exercises and drills with the ball at your feet. These sessions will place a huge emphasis on technique, coordination, and fast feet. Each Player will be shown how to master ball control and will benefit from an improved touch, softer feet, and an increased skillset.


This is a program that was originally designed for college level players and are intense one hour sessions.



SpeedySoccer sessions will be held @


Goddard Park, Warwick - on Wednesday Evenings, Saturday Mornings, & Sunday Evenings


CLICK HERE - To view session times & RSVP


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Agility and Speed

Our Standard Speed and Agility Program

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